How to Make Money from a Food Blog

Sharing information on and about food is central to culture. According to the Montanari’s “Food is culture”. Food blogging entails sharing knowledge about food, for example the exchange of recipes and giving longevity to food sharing. Blogging about recipes for instance is an important cultural technology to restaurants, it expand the practice of sharing food past specific times and places.

Blogging brings connections, and that’s what the internet is all about. It helps you to not only grow your restaurant but connects with other food bloggers, a vital part of digital marketing strategy. Blogs are the third most influential digital resource people use when making purchases, behind the retail and brand sites (TechnoratiMedia).

Therefore, using successful blogs and bloggers as a jumping off point into the restaurant business certainly has its benefits. Right from opening day, it has ben found that the restaurants have had interested diners. In most cases, food bloggers with professional kitchen experience are those who began off their cooking in restaurant kitchens, but jumped in to their food blog after leaving the industry. A number of food bloggers are home cooks who have infrequently cooked at the speed and scale a restaurant kitchen.

The methods and means through which recipes plus other number of information about food is shared through blogging has tremendously brought positive changes on printed documents that were used long ago like the Cookbooks (Nuremberg, 1485). Furthermore, food blogging has enable recipe collections to be accessed at the comfort of our home from radio, to television, and now, online.

So, Food Blogging has long been celebrated due to its capacity to give “normal” people a voice. Due to their ability and social nature of bloggers, a network for sharing ideas, trends and information has been created.

The Benefits of Being a Food Blogger 

Food blogging was once a very small niche, but nowadays it’s rapidly booming across the world especially in bigger cities. Some decades ago, little restaurant industry would have predicted how food bloggers could be very powerfully in influencing the way that we eat, right from blogging about eatery reviews to recipes. Hence, if you love sharing stories, love food and photos of your food, then deliberate on becoming a food blogger.

From a unique and off-beat recipe or providing techniques on making the perfect cupcakes, food bloggers provide valuable content and cutting-edge for readers.

In food and beverage industry, food bloggers are very powerful tool for food brands, restaurants and others in the industry to connect with local consumers. However, Bloggers who review restaurants can easily attract huge attention of their followers. Thus, food brands and restaurants would want to liaise with food bloggers in order to provide valuable public relations (PR) and media attention to their company.

How to Make Money from a Food Blog

The food bloggers have exploded in the recent years and have now proofed it possible for one to walk away from the day job and be able to earn a decent living from just writing about dinner. According to Sally Whittle the founder of the “Foodies100”, it is more effective nowadays to earn by blogging about food products and services of brands in exchange for money (payment). Some of the ways of making money include:

  1. Selling Your Own eBook and Cookbook 

CookbookIf you have a lot of personal stories, great recipes, or other important information about food that you would love to share and still make extra income, then selling your own print book is a perfect idea. Going the self-publishing routes highly recommended because it’s easier to do and you’ll still be in a position to sell your books on Barnes and Noble and Amazon

  1. Advertising

Implementing ads through an advertising network is one of quickest and easiest ways of monetizing your food blogging. The only hardest part is choosing the right one that’s totally faultless for both your site and audience. Though, some do have special requirements for traffic, audience type, and page-views most of them are fairly simple to apply and join.

  1. Selling an Ad Space

As a food blogger, you can make money by selling ad space directly to advertisers. Essentially, ensure that you set aside a spot in your sidebar for the sake of advertisers who are willing to directly buy ad space from you. Moreover, if you’re looking to work directly with a smaller advertiser, then selling your space directly to them is one of the best options. This is done by creating an ad box and encouraging people and other food bloggers to advertise in that spot by informing them to learn more about your food blogging and why they should advertise on your site.

  1. Engaging in Affiliate Programs

A food blogger can easily make money by joining an affiliate program such as Amazon Associate, Rakuten LinkShare and share sale among others. This is great way to make money by promoting products and services that you love. Once you refer a food product in this case through an affiliate program and the customer makes a purchase, then you’ll have gotten a commission.

  1. Starting Your Video YouTube Channel

As a food blogger, you can start a YouTube channel by just using either your personal brand or food blog’s brand; you’ll be able to completely reach new audience and possibly even demographic. From these videos and vice versa, you can definitely build a community of subscribers who can ultimately even become new blog subscribers. However, as blogger you can choose to monetize your YouTube videos and make additional income.

Other ways of making money as a food blogger include; selling your own product, starting a membership sites, selling your food photography, launching mobile app and creating software among others.

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