Restaurant Review: The Morrison, Los Angeles

Good food and great beer. What more can I say about The Morison in Los Angeles? Oh, did I mention the price for food is insane for Los Angeles? A few weeks ago I visited some friends in LA for the weekend and after my flight the first thing they asked me is what I wanted to eat. My response was a burger and about three or four beers. I was told The Morrison would satisfy my fantasy. The restaurant is located on Los Feliz Blvd and is just a short walk from Glendale Station.

When we arrived at The Morrison, we were greeted promptly and told the hostess that we would like a seat at the bar. Although patio seating is offered and did look like a relaxing atmosphere to inhale a burger, the inviting shine of beer taps behind a bar are enough to drive a man wild. Let me be clear, I am no beer connoisseur. My taste has not strayed far from Budweiser and the occasional Natty Light on $1.25 draft night back home. The Morrison offers an intriguing variety of bottled and draft beers. After mulling over the drink menu for about five minutes I finally landed on Allagash Curieux which was not only the most expensive beer on the menu but it was the most likely to have me feeling the best in the shortest amount of time. Allagash Curieux costs a whole $9.00 per beer but includes an astounding 11% alcohol per volume.

classic burgerWhen I said I wanted a burger I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Looking at the menu, my eyes began to widen as the drool slipped out of the left side of my mouth. The Morrison makes you take your pick of ten different burger varieties. Actually, there are eleven but one of them is for a child and the big boys came to chow down tonight. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between a girl or her friend? I almost felt that I was betraying myself by only ordering one but my taste buds had spoken and desired the sensual taste of crispy bacon crunching, sunny side up egg oozing, oh and that beef patty. Just take a moment to let all that sink in your belly. The Morrison also offers salads and a variety of sides. There are nightly specials as well. The most expensive burger on the menu is $15 without any additional ingredients. I scarfed their Classic Burger with the addition of fried egg and bacon down in under eight minutes for $16.

Oh and did I mention that they also offered great service for how busy the bar was that night? We went on a Saturday evening and expected poor service and an irritated atmosphere but our experience could not have been more pleasant.

If I had the chance, I would absolutely enjoy another visit to The Morrison. I was blown away by the price of my burger and even though I spent nearly $30 on beer alone, the buzz and full belly were well worth the cost. Good food has the power to bring people together and it is obvious why The Morrison is thriving. Stop by and have a taste for yourself if you do not believe me.

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