Tips on How to Become a Food Blogger

Food blogging is a mix of cooking, writing original recipes, photography, and restaurant reviewing of foods, drinks, services and the atmosphere. In the recent past, the number of food bloggers has risen tremendously. This can be attributed to increased public interest in diet and nutrition. People have become visual, instead of reading recipes in books; they want to see the actual process of cooking, the ingredients, and the quantities used.


Tips on how to Become a Food Blogger

  1. You must be passionate about food

Cooking in the KitchenSpend hours in the kitchen trying and creating your own recipes. Taste your food; if the recipe is not good, do not post it because when people try your recipe and they do not like it, they may stop trusting you. Experiment with different tastes and texture. Have recipe ideas at all hours, in the car, while watching your favorite show, or taking an evening walk. Keep a list to jot down all your inspirations. “Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all,” Harriet Van Horne.

  1. Enjoy eating new cuisines

As a food blogger, you need to be an adventurous foodie. Visit restaurants offering food you normally would not try. Order a variety of foods, an appetizer, course meal, dessert, and beverage. Review all diners from five-star to those in the neighborhood. Always visit a restaurant at least twice before reviewing to ensure accuracy.

  1. Food PictureBe a good photographer

Invest in a good camera and learn the basics of photography. Get a good photo editing software like adobe Photoshop for white balance, color exposure, corrections, and cropping. Nicer photos enhance blog posts. Posting pictures of your finished meals encourage your followers to try the recipe.

  1. Networking is crucial

Build your social media network. Create fan pages. Visit and comment on other food blogs. Interact with other like-minded bloggers. Engage your fans with links and answer all their questions knowledgeably.

  1. Be consistent with the format of your recipe

Always write clear instructions and avoid abbreviations. Accuracy and consistency make people feel they can trust you. Develop your own unique style and stick to it.

  1. Be creative with your content

Create masterpiece posts that will entice your readers to stick around. A little innovation goes a long way. Content is king, the more original content you have the more people will be drawn to your blog.

  1. Practice writing

You need to develop exceptional writing skills in order to write reviews for your fans and for professional publications. Work on descriptive writing, grammar, spelling and sentence flow.

  1. Be patient 

Never give up. Food blog growth is very slow at the beginning, but it does gain momentum as time goes by if you stick around and do your best.

  1. Be yourself

Write from the heart and about things that you love; people will feel your passion and get drawn to you.


How to Create a Food Blog

1. Choose a striking name for your blog

Brainstorm as many ideas as possible until you come up with a name. Get a name that is short, inclusive and easy to pronounce.

2. Buy a domain that matches with your blog name

Just like a blog name, the domain name should be short, precise and memorable.

3. Find a quality and trusted web host

A web host will provide server space for your website storage and make it accessible to the World Wide Web.

4. Install WordPress

The software will allow you to publish content to your website.

5. Install WordPress plugins

Plugins help to extend the functionality of word press in some areas and prevent spamming comments on your website.

6. Set up google input tools

Webmaster, Feed burner, and Google Analytics.

7. Start blogging

Write interesting and unique posts, publish original recipes, take quality pictures, share videos of your cooking, and write restaurant reviews.


The competition in food blogging is increasing by the day. In order to compete with top bloggers in the industry, you have to be authentic. Develop your own unique style don’t copy anyone, edit your work to suit your audience, create good content, provide answers and most importantly engage with your commenters.

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